13 June 2015

9 months! Fairbanks festival, interviews

We met the Woods ( a referral from the Skinners). They're so cute! They have 7 children. They told us that they'd get back to us... which sometimes isn't a promising promise. But we're still stoked! 

We helped out with the Fairbanks Festival :) We planted plants all around downtown. It was a blast! Makes me want to have a garden one day... 

We helped with the trainer trainee meeting. Which is really useful and benefical for the trainers & trainees. At least it was when I was being trained :) We got to skype in for that. 

We helped out with the Family History center. Granted the only people who needed assistance were one of the Elders.... 

We also had interviews with President Robinson. They are super useful. I always try to take advantage of them. And maybe thats why mine was 45 mins. Oops! 

Sadly all of our investigator appts. fell through! Which is such a bust. I'm still trying to help Sister Farmer meet the ward. It seems to be a challenge... HAHA! Oh summer. 

And I hit 9 months!!! Can you even believe i've been gone that long!? I can't I swear I was just in Inlet View (my first area). But I know i've learned a lot. The last 9 months have been a huge blessing. And i'm so excited to see what the next 9 months bring :)