22 June 2015

Anchorage, Zone meeting training, and the Kinnamans

We got to visit Anchorage!! They flew all the leaders in for Mission Leadership Council. They had a guest speaker, Brother Heminingway from the mission department over proselyting. He shared a lot of insights into teaching the Restoration, what the Test of Faith is, and better planning techniques. The Test of Faith is the Book of Mormon. When you gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon you can gain a testimony of every aspect of the Gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true. And I challenge each one of you to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if the Book is true! God will hear and answer your prayers, he always does. 

Because we had MLC we also had zone meeting. We trained on finding the People the Lord is preparing and what the test of faith is! I absolutely love Zone Meeting. Its a way that we can learn to be better missionaries and how to increase in faith. 

We also had kind of a funny moment with an active member family, the Kinnamans. We asked through text if we could come visit them. She made a joke about 9 am Sunday at 403 lazelle st. We got really confused! Couldn't go at 9, that's when church is... it didn't help that we didn't realize they were active members or that 403 lazelle st is actually the church's address. Anyways she got us good!! She also fed us lunch. She's super funny! 

Anchorage temple! Sister Farmer & I. 
All the Sister Training Leaders in the Alaska Anchorage mission. Love these Sisters :) 

15 June 2015

Exchanges & Nenana

We went on exchanges this week! I went with Sister Fambrough in the 2nd ward. Oh my goodness!! We had so much fun :) We visited this one lady, Sister Burch. I feel so bad but she had fallen trying to answer the door for us. We tried to help her up but her legs were to weak. She told us to go get her helper, Gary. He was asleep in the other room. I literally had to yell his name. He woke up - and just like a Life Alert commercial. Sister Fambrough says "shes fallen and she can't get up!!". And he pushes a tiny button on his necklace, "life alert has been activated". It was CRAZY! We felt bad leaving her alone on the ground so we waited till the Paramedics came. Than we left once they had en entered. And that's just one experience of many! 

We also visited Nenana, a tiny town outside of Fairbanks. They meet in a log cabin on A street. There was about 30 people at sacrament meeting. It has one tiny hall and the Young Women meet in a coat closet. Granted there's only 3 of them but still... We were able to spend some time with some Less actives and investigators. It was quite interesting to be there. But i really liked it! I'm so grateful we had enough miles to make it out there. 

This week has been kinda crazy. But a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to pick up some toys from a lady in 2nd ward and than deliver them to the 3rd ward elders... I'm not sure why she insisted that it had to be us.... Oh people. 

We also attended a wedding! I absolutely love receptions. And this one was definitely interesting.... lets just say part of their decor included a stuffed moose head. But i'm happy for them! 

We visited the Farmers Market as a way to open our mouths. Turns out it was not as large as we thought it would be... but it was still a lot of fun. We got a lot of stares maybe because we were wearing our tags or just the fact we were in skirts... i'm not sure... But we also ate lunch there. I enjoyed a nice reindeer dog! 

Well I'm reading in 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Christ has come and is speaking to people about prayer. I just really love this part. I know that Heavenly Father is interested in every aspect of our lives. Small and big. Even the Mundane. He notices our accomplishments and helps us through our trials. 

Well I love you all!!!

Sister Fambrough and I
Farmers market!

13 June 2015

9 months! Fairbanks festival, interviews

We met the Woods ( a referral from the Skinners). They're so cute! They have 7 children. They told us that they'd get back to us... which sometimes isn't a promising promise. But we're still stoked! 

We helped out with the Fairbanks Festival :) We planted plants all around downtown. It was a blast! Makes me want to have a garden one day... 

We helped with the trainer trainee meeting. Which is really useful and benefical for the trainers & trainees. At least it was when I was being trained :) We got to skype in for that. 

We helped out with the Family History center. Granted the only people who needed assistance were one of the Elders.... 

We also had interviews with President Robinson. They are super useful. I always try to take advantage of them. And maybe thats why mine was 45 mins. Oops! 

Sadly all of our investigator appts. fell through! Which is such a bust. I'm still trying to help Sister Farmer meet the ward. It seems to be a challenge... HAHA! Oh summer. 

And I hit 9 months!!! Can you even believe i've been gone that long!? I can't I swear I was just in Inlet View (my first area). But I know i've learned a lot. The last 9 months have been a huge blessing. And i'm so excited to see what the next 9 months bring :) 

June 1, New companion, Service, 2 referrals, and North Pole!

Sister Farmer is here!!! We've been having a blast. She is just the best :) We've been spending all week just trying to meet the ward. 

We had service at the Morris Thompson Center. Planting Cabbage and some flowers. It was a lot of fun! Than we went out to eat as a district at some restaurant downtown. 

We received 2 referrals!!! Which never happens here.... the 5th is the worst on referrals. But we're super happy for these two! 

We have been working on putting together our Ward Mission Plan and because fo the that we stopped in at the Relief Society, Young womens, and Primary president's homes! That means we hit up North Pole (the primary President, Sister Lakin, Lives out there). We also ate lunch with Sister Larcom and Sister Bybee. 

This week has just been super busy but a lot of fun! I hope you all are having a wonderful week :) 

tons of miracles this week. 

the church is true! And I love you! 

our district during our Lunch walk
Sister Farmer and I :)