26 May 2015

May 25, Andreas baptism, and transfer calls!

Andrea got baptized this week. She is seriously the best. She was so
prepared. She taught us in almost every lesson! Sister Landon and I
gave the talks. It was a pretty short baptism. About 45 mins:)
although we spent almost all day there. We had to fill the font and
drain it. Hahah

We also got transfer calls. Sister Landin is going home. I really love
her! We had such a blast in fbx 5th! I'm staying and Sister Farmer is
coming :) sister Farmer is awesome. I've gotten to talk to her at
transfer meetings and sister training. We are going to have so much

We also got iPads this week. So that is interesting. Still getting
used to the idea. Although it does make studies easier. I can look up
a topic and find 30 talks about it.... Well I love you all!

Also happy Memorial Day! I'm grateful for all those who have served or
are currently serving.

Sorry there's no recording. iPads don't  have usb plugs and all the
libraries are closed because of Memorial Day.