04 May 2015

Baptismal Date, Stake Women's Conference , Nerf War!

8 Months out!! Whoop whoop :) 

Andrea asked to move her baptismal date up! She was planning on August. But is now getting baptized on May 23!!! We're are just up the wall happy. I've been so blessed to teach her most the commandments and all the Laws and Ordinances. She is such a sweet lady. 

We had stake Women's conference. A Holy Woman. I really liked it :) Had people all the way from Barrow watching it! Whoopie. 

YSA had a baptism and we invited Andrea and the Dalton's to attend. (All investigators). And they all came! MIRACLE. Its hard to get the Dalton's to leave their house. But they all loved it. 

Well last p day we had a Nerf war! The was exciting. I don't think I've seen so many Nerf bullets :) It was so much fun! 

I was finally introduced to Denyse. She's another investigator. This ward is just hopping. She's super cute, really sick though. Something chronic. She sweats a lot and fogs up her glasses. 

Well this week was just awesome! I hope you all had a blast! 

6 pages left of Moroni! (Book of Mormon). I'm excited. 


Crazy hair :) 
And someone has to much time on their hands. Re did their jeep to look like Jurassic park!