26 May 2015

May 25, Andreas baptism, and transfer calls!

Andrea got baptized this week. She is seriously the best. She was so
prepared. She taught us in almost every lesson! Sister Landon and I
gave the talks. It was a pretty short baptism. About 45 mins:)
although we spent almost all day there. We had to fill the font and
drain it. Hahah

We also got transfer calls. Sister Landin is going home. I really love
her! We had such a blast in fbx 5th! I'm staying and Sister Farmer is
coming :) sister Farmer is awesome. I've gotten to talk to her at
transfer meetings and sister training. We are going to have so much

We also got iPads this week. So that is interesting. Still getting
used to the idea. Although it does make studies easier. I can look up
a topic and find 30 talks about it.... Well I love you all!

Also happy Memorial Day! I'm grateful for all those who have served or
are currently serving.

Sorry there's no recording. iPads don't  have usb plugs and all the
libraries are closed because of Memorial Day.

18 May 2015

Exchanges, Living Legends, Relief society activity

Went on exchanges with Sister Bybee in North Pole! It was so much fun :) We did some service and taught some lessons. We had Mac N cheese for Dinner. My favorite! Sister Bybee is awesome! We had a complete blast. 

We were blessed to attend Living Legends ( a BYU dance group). It was so wonderful. It included Native, Polynesian, and some other dances. They danced out the story of the Book of Mormon. I just loved it!! We invited some investigators, but they bailed :( 

We also got to attend the Salmon Bake. Its just a buffet in Pioneer Park where they have salmon, crab, and ribs! It was a lot of fun. 

There also were 3 baptisms in our Zone. We were able to attend them all. Sadly non of our investigators showed up.... Which is really disappointing. But I just love the spirit you can feel there. Seeing others make covenants is just a huge blessing. But I know that the step of Baptism will bring them so many blessings. 

There also was a Relief Society activity. The last one till the end of summer! There was an amazing turn out. It was themed around the 5 little piggies. It was just adorable. They had cute speakers for each "little piggy". I just loved it. 

This week has just been amazing! We've been able to connect with Ward Council better, Andrea is getting baptized next week, and living legends was the bomb dot com! 

love you all :) 

Santa's house (North Pole)
At the Salmon Bake 

11 May 2015

Exchanges, Mother's Day, MLC, Service

We did a ton of service this week! Including cleaning out some ones storage bin, gardening, and cleaning up Fairbanks!

We also had Mission Leadership Conference. And that's
just where all the zone leaders, Sister training leaders, assistants to the president, and the Mission President & his wife get together and talk about how we can help the mission. We learned a lot! Its a 6 hour meeting.... Luckily there's a lunch break so that's nice. The meeting takes place in Anchorage. So Sister Landon and I paced in!

We also had trainer trainee meeting! Which is really fun :) We gave a training on the importance of talking to everyone. I think this applies to not just missionaries but everyone! How are we supposed to share the gospel if we never open our mouths? Makes it a tad hard.

We also went on exchanges. I just LOVE exchanges. They're so much fun! You always learn a lot from your companion. I stayed in 5th ward and Sister Fambrough came with me. She is just to cute.

Our ward also had a BBQ/ car wash for the scout fundraiser. That was so much fun :) I got to meet a lot of people i'd never met before.

Happy Mothers Day to all the women out there. I love Mothers day. It is a day especially to show appreciation to the women in your life. I love my Mom. She is really caring and kind.

I'm in 2 Nephi studying the Atonement. And I just love it!


Cleaning the storage unit!

04 May 2015

Baptismal Date, Stake Women's Conference , Nerf War!

8 Months out!! Whoop whoop :) 

Andrea asked to move her baptismal date up! She was planning on August. But is now getting baptized on May 23!!! We're are just up the wall happy. I've been so blessed to teach her most the commandments and all the Laws and Ordinances. She is such a sweet lady. 

We had stake Women's conference. A Holy Woman. I really liked it :) Had people all the way from Barrow watching it! Whoopie. 

YSA had a baptism and we invited Andrea and the Dalton's to attend. (All investigators). And they all came! MIRACLE. Its hard to get the Dalton's to leave their house. But they all loved it. 

Well last p day we had a Nerf war! The was exciting. I don't think I've seen so many Nerf bullets :) It was so much fun! 

I was finally introduced to Denyse. She's another investigator. This ward is just hopping. She's super cute, really sick though. Something chronic. She sweats a lot and fogs up her glasses. 

Well this week was just awesome! I hope you all had a blast! 

6 pages left of Moroni! (Book of Mormon). I'm excited. 


Crazy hair :) 
And someone has to much time on their hands. Re did their jeep to look like Jurassic park!