20 April 2015

Transfers, Fairbanks, Back with Sis Landon!

This week has just been crazy! AHH! Sister Torgsen was with Sister Bangerter and I for the transfer day. Let's just say we ate Buffalo burgers and had a dance moment in front of the temple :) 

I'm so excited to be in Fairbanks. Its actually quite lovely here. It hit 60 degrees!!! I LOVE it! We live in an apartment with another set of Sisters. And to tell you the truth it is so fun! It's the only apartment in the mission where two sets of sisters share. 

i'm trying to get to know the area. Its HUGE!! Our area covers base as well. There are a few investigators here. Which is such a change from Jewel Lake. 

Loving it here in Fairbanks! 

Love you all! 

PS: my address is the same :) 

3250 strawberry rd. 
anchorage AK 99502 

(unless a package. It needs to be forward-able for free, just in case anyone feels so inclined.)