07 April 2015

Temple, Zone meeting, Exchanges, April 6 2015

We went to the temple with the Prices!!! It went so well. They had a lot of questions. The spirit was so strong. 

Sis Morrison went home. We had a big sisters dinner in celebration of her completing her mission.

We also had Zone Meeting. We did a training on Christlike communication. We spoke about the effects lying, criticism, sarcasm, and blaming have your relationships with others. I particularly liked how sarcasm is not a joke. One of my companions always said that behind each sarcastic remark is a bit of truth. Which i struggle hard core with being super sarcastic but i'm getting better and I can see the difference it has had. 

We also cleaned the chandelier in the celestial room. I never realized how big it was! Or how huge it was! It took over 4 hours. We actually left it unfinished. 

We went on exchanges. I went with Sister Ogden to Ocean view. We had a blast!! Saw a super cute lady, Wanda, and sang Christmas songs. 

We also had General Conference! What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Easter. By Listening to Our Living Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson! I invite you all to watch at least one of the talks. They are wonderful :)