13 April 2015

Birthday, Transfer calls, Stake conference

I'm officially 20! Its so strange.... so many people have made my birthday wonderful :) From a decorated car to packages. Thank you to everyone for remembering. I really appreciate it :) 

We got transfer calls! i am being TRANSFERRED!! to Fairbanks, with my old companion Sister Landon! And I will also be a Sister Training Leader there. I'm so excited!! I've spent my whole mission in Anchorage. It'll be nice to spread my wings. Sister Bangerter is staying :) 

We had stake Conference. It was quite long but also joyful! It was a wonderful opportunity to sustain the Prophet again! 

We've spent the whole weekend running around like mad ladies trying to get my picture with everyone! Luckily i've been somewhat successful :) 

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Church is a wonderful opportunity to hear the Good Word of God and bear your testimony. 

If you haven't seen Because He Lives I invite you all to watch it! Its only a couple of minutes long. But it is quite inspiring! Love you all