27 April 2015

April 27, Zone Conference, North Pole

This week we were able to go to North Pole! We did apartment inspections of the Sisters who are serving up there. The town is just adorable! All their poles are painted like candy canes and they have a 50 ft Santa :) 

We had Family History Training. We went on temporary exchanges for that. I was with Sister Fambrough. It was a lot of fun!! 

We also had Zone Conference. We went on a hike, sorta of like Nephi's journey (A prophet in the Book of Mormon). We did a training on "finding". So we had the group break into groups and shoot bow n arrows at photos of animals. But we gave them strings that weren't the right size, so they obviously couldn't do it. Than we talked about effective finding ideas. Than they got rice krispies! 

It was Sister Landon's birthday!! So we got to celebrate that :) And that was a lot of fun! 

We also attended a baptism for the someone in our ward, the Elders taught him. I love attending baptisms! The spirit is always so strong there :) If you're in a rut I promise attending a baptism will definitely help!

Well I hope you all had a great week! LOVE you all :) 

20 April 2015

Transfers, Fairbanks, Back with Sis Landon!

This week has just been crazy! AHH! Sister Torgsen was with Sister Bangerter and I for the transfer day. Let's just say we ate Buffalo burgers and had a dance moment in front of the temple :) 

I'm so excited to be in Fairbanks. Its actually quite lovely here. It hit 60 degrees!!! I LOVE it! We live in an apartment with another set of Sisters. And to tell you the truth it is so fun! It's the only apartment in the mission where two sets of sisters share. 

i'm trying to get to know the area. Its HUGE!! Our area covers base as well. There are a few investigators here. Which is such a change from Jewel Lake. 

Loving it here in Fairbanks! 

Love you all! 

PS: my address is the same :) 

3250 strawberry rd. 
anchorage AK 99502 

(unless a package. It needs to be forward-able for free, just in case anyone feels so inclined.)

13 April 2015

Birthday, Transfer calls, Stake conference

I'm officially 20! Its so strange.... so many people have made my birthday wonderful :) From a decorated car to packages. Thank you to everyone for remembering. I really appreciate it :) 

We got transfer calls! i am being TRANSFERRED!! to Fairbanks, with my old companion Sister Landon! And I will also be a Sister Training Leader there. I'm so excited!! I've spent my whole mission in Anchorage. It'll be nice to spread my wings. Sister Bangerter is staying :) 

We had stake Conference. It was quite long but also joyful! It was a wonderful opportunity to sustain the Prophet again! 

We've spent the whole weekend running around like mad ladies trying to get my picture with everyone! Luckily i've been somewhat successful :) 

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Church is a wonderful opportunity to hear the Good Word of God and bear your testimony. 

If you haven't seen Because He Lives I invite you all to watch it! Its only a couple of minutes long. But it is quite inspiring! Love you all 

07 April 2015

Temple, Zone meeting, Exchanges, April 6 2015

We went to the temple with the Prices!!! It went so well. They had a lot of questions. The spirit was so strong. 

Sis Morrison went home. We had a big sisters dinner in celebration of her completing her mission.

We also had Zone Meeting. We did a training on Christlike communication. We spoke about the effects lying, criticism, sarcasm, and blaming have your relationships with others. I particularly liked how sarcasm is not a joke. One of my companions always said that behind each sarcastic remark is a bit of truth. Which i struggle hard core with being super sarcastic but i'm getting better and I can see the difference it has had. 

We also cleaned the chandelier in the celestial room. I never realized how big it was! Or how huge it was! It took over 4 hours. We actually left it unfinished. 

We went on exchanges. I went with Sister Ogden to Ocean view. We had a blast!! Saw a super cute lady, Wanda, and sang Christmas songs. 

We also had General Conference! What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Easter. By Listening to Our Living Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson! I invite you all to watch at least one of the talks. They are wonderful :)