09 March 2015

Ipads, Transfers, Daylight Savings, and Miracles!

March 9

We found out we are receiving iPads in our mission! 

At transfers Sis Landon and I sang with our zone! We had matching skirts, that was fun :) 

We've just spent a majority of the time getting to know the ward! 

We had a MIRACLE! The vailponodo family wasn't super interested in visits from us. But than on Sunday they texted us and invited us over!!! It was a tad awkward but it went well! 

The scouts in our ward have been making pizzas to raise money. And so many people have kindly given us some. So that's fun! We had to clean our our freezer to make room for three 16" pizzas :) 

Daylight savings was quite an experience. I forgot that we have a brick as a phone and the time didn't change..... so we slept in an extra hour! oops! And we're 30 mins late to ward council. OOPS our bad. 

This week has defiantly been an adventure. Since Sis Bangerter hasn't been out long and I'm "greenie" breaking her :) We're having a lot of fun! 

The Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni is still on top ;) 

Sis Landon and I matching! 
Sis Harrison and my new companion, Sis Bangerter! Sis Harrison is home!! :)