23 March 2015

March 23, St Patty's day, 6 lessons!

St. Patty's day was great! We may have played some jokes on the Elders... and they retaliated. 

We related the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to becoming like Christ. The the pot of gold is being just like Christ. And the rainbow is the different ways we can become like him. Just like the different parts of a rainbow there are many ways of becoming like the Savior. But the rainbow seems incomplete without all the colors. 

We taught Jenny the law of Chastity. I was really nervous because I knew she wasn't keeping it and that it could be awkward. She laughed and told us "i'm so happy you brought it up!!". That's like never happened to me before. Usually people don't want to talk about that with the Mormon Missionaries. 

We've just been cleaning up the roster, working on Bishop Hoen's list, and inviting people to the "Why I Believe" in Christ fireside! It's next Sunday

We had 6 lessons! That's huge for Jewel Lake. 

We finally caught up with Sis Meabon. It's been forever! About 3 weeks. 

Well this week has been quite an adventure! Love you all. Keep up on your scripture reading. It will bring mounds of blessings. 

The Elders retaliation. We woke up to this in the car..... Balloons full of confetti 
more balloons 

21 March 2015

Stuck inside for 2 days, Service, Praying in my sleep

Well Sis Bangerter caught the flu that's been traveling around the mission. So we were stuck inside for two days. 

We did do service at the Special Olympics! 

Had interviews with President. 

Walked around the Anchorage Alaska Temple. Turns out there's not to much to see in the back when there's snow every where. 

Funny story!! I prayed in my sleep last night. Out loud. Sister Bangerter said Amen. It was definitely interesting. I must be really worried about those People. 

Hope your week has been awesome! 


Special Alaska Olympics :) 
Service group photo! 
Celebrating international Pie day! 

09 March 2015

Ipads, Transfers, Daylight Savings, and Miracles!

March 9

We found out we are receiving iPads in our mission! 

At transfers Sis Landon and I sang with our zone! We had matching skirts, that was fun :) 

We've just spent a majority of the time getting to know the ward! 

We had a MIRACLE! The vailponodo family wasn't super interested in visits from us. But than on Sunday they texted us and invited us over!!! It was a tad awkward but it went well! 

The scouts in our ward have been making pizzas to raise money. And so many people have kindly given us some. So that's fun! We had to clean our our freezer to make room for three 16" pizzas :) 

Daylight savings was quite an experience. I forgot that we have a brick as a phone and the time didn't change..... so we slept in an extra hour! oops! And we're 30 mins late to ward council. OOPS our bad. 

This week has defiantly been an adventure. Since Sis Bangerter hasn't been out long and I'm "greenie" breaking her :) We're having a lot of fun! 

The Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni is still on top ;) 

Sis Landon and I matching! 
Sis Harrison and my new companion, Sis Bangerter! Sis Harrison is home!! :)  

03 March 2015

Transfer Calls, Self Defense, Waffle Night, Baptism!

Last p day we learned self defense! It was a lot of fun. 

We did a lot of service this week. Helping Sis Meabon, Sis Whittington, and the office. 
Sis Whittington had us help her lift her 65 corvette up on jacks. We involved the Elders in our district.... it was definitely interesting! 

We received our transfer calls!! Sis Landon is going to Fairbanks. I am staying in Jewel Lake with Sister Bangerter. 

The ward had a waffle night! There was a great turn out. A couple of less actives came!! Although later that night was not the best. Something I ate upset my stomach. So poor Sis Landon woke up at 230 am to me barfing.... awkward! But i'm doing well now :) 

Justin who Sis Harrison and I found in Inlet view got baptized!!! We had to refer him to Elders up in eagle river. I called President to ask permission if we could attend. I thought he'd say no. But he said yes!!!! It was awesome:) 

This week was pretty great! Can you believe it's March?? 

Remember the Book is blue, the Church is true, and Moroni is still on top!!!