09 February 2015

December 8, 2014


Dec 1
Jack accepted Baptism!!!

Dec 2
Jack asked to see the baptismal font
We saw our investigator Samantha again. She told us that the an hour before the first meeting she had prayed to God and asked for him to send her help.

Dec 3
Hit my 3 month mark!

Dec 4
Met Rick who was sweeping snow off his sidewalk. He accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon
TRANSFERRED TO: Jewel lake in south Anchorage with Sister Honey :)

Dec 6
the Ward Christmas party. We had tons of people there. Even non members :) we also sang a musical number, Sister Harrison, Elder Williams, Elder Osterhaut, and me.

visit justserve.org if you have time!

and He Is the Gift video is only 3 mins.....

I love the Book of Mormon. What's great is everything rests on the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is true, than everything else is. I love that the Lord has made is so easy to know the truth. First you must read a bit of the Book of Mormon than pray with real intent, intending to act on the knowledge you receive, and God will give you the truth. Maybe not in a flash of lightning but by a "still small voice". By a feeling of peace in your heart, a sense of belonging or love.