09 February 2015

December 22, 2014

This week we had exchanges. I went with Sister Morrison into Oceanview ward. We had lots of awkward moments. Including walking into a medical emergency. Sister B's stomach pump was not working. And she wanted us to watch her grand children. But we aren't allowed to hold children, babysit, or be alone with them. Because of legal complexities. 

This week was rough. We didn't get to teach any of our investigators. 

We went caroling as a zone. That was fun! We sang to some investigators, the Woodards, which that was the first time i'd met them. 

: Do you're home teaching/ visiting teaching. That's one of the people we consider fellowships. Don't forget the impact you can have on others. Become friends. not just to check them off your list. 


and if you are looking for a way to remember Christ during the Christmas season feel free to watch the Church's 3 min video called "He is the Gift". 

Thanks to everyone who sent me packages and Christmas cards!!


Sister Morrison and I matching! 
Sister Honey and I being dorks :)