09 February 2015

December 1, 2014

This week was crazy!!! so much happened.

I gave my first personal training on using the pamphlets.
we had our district thanksgiving lunch- Sis Harrison's mom mailed all this food to us :)
we had a pie miracle. Sister Kressig was listed as a do not contact, but many people told us to go and talk to her so we just dropped off a pie cause nobody answered. She must have really liked it because she asked the Elder Williams and Elder Osterhaut (who also work in inlet view) to send us over.
we also had zone conference. I shared Sierra's famous quote "life is hard than you die". People really like it
We finally met Sister Galloways "baby daddy", Justin, so now we can officially stop calling him baby daddy.
we ate at 5 thanksgivings!!
we also had exchanges! I was with Sister Ogden. She's from Layton.
We also shoveled this guy named Wayne that we tracked into. He jokingly told us that we could come back when it snowed and shovel his driveway... so we did. He seemed soooo surprised.
also Sister Galloway came to church. it's a legit Christmas miracle.

There's a new Christmas video about Christ. "He is the Gift". its only 3 mins long so you should all go watch it.

love you all.

read everyday
and pray always :)