23 February 2015

Matching skirts, Quilting, Car wash, and Miracles

Sister Landon is making us matching skirts for transfer meeting! We're doing musical number with some of the other Elders in our zone. Sis Landon is amazing at sewing! 

The relief society finally had an activity! Tying quilts for some babies in the ward. It was wonderful, we got to meet some less actives we've been working with :) 

We also had quite the adventure at the car wash.... needless to say our car was just as dirty when we came out of the wash as we went in.... we got stuck in there. I was terrified. I had to manually open the car wash door. It malfunctioned but it worked all out. 

We also helped with some Iditarod service. We carried/ divided dog food for the sled dogs. It was way fun. It gave us the opportunity to talk with all the other people serving. Shared a lot about what we as missionaries do, why we're called elder and sister, and where we're from and why we came out. 

Sis Landon's friends from Valdeaz came up! We got to eat dinner with them. They were super sweet :) 

We also had TWO member findings!!!! Which is when a member tells us their experience of sharing the gospel. Two is huge of this ward! We're super EXCITIED! 

I challenge you all to testify to some one this week about the gospel. It may seem odd but I promise the Lord will help you with what to say. 

The Church is true. 
God loves you! 

Jack's baptism!!! (last week)
valentines hear attacks (last week)

16 February 2015

Jack's baptism, Valentines day, Iditarod service!!!

JACK WAS BAPTIZED!!!! He's an investigator i taught in my last area. I am so happy for him! The service was amazing.

We also helped out with the Iditarod! We put straw into bags and stacked them on palettes. Needless to say my back will be sore for dayssss! But well worth it.

This less active we have been trying to see for like FOREVER we finally saw! YAY for Sis Heiner, she set up an appointment for us. We taught Thelma about the Holy Ghost AND she came to CHURCH!!!! Miracles I tell ya.

We also caroled to people and practiced a song for the upcoming transfer meeting.

Needless to say that i have felt the Lord's hand in my life. This week has been truly amazing! We are so blessed.

Also. forgetful me. I left my camera in the apartment charging. so no photos this week. Which is terribly depressing :(  but tons next week!!!

Love you all! Thanks for all the support.

09 February 2015

Exchanges, car probs, zone meeting, and Jack's baptism!!!

This week has been crazy and just full of miracles!! 

Andrea (investigator, and mother of Donavan & Jameson) came to church!!! TJ (jenny's boyfriend) came to church (and now a potential investigator!). It's amazing :) 

We had car problems this week our borrowed car needed a new windshield so i got to spend time in my old area, Inlet View. Granted we just went to the library so that Sis Landon could work on her schooling for fall (BYU-I). I miss inlet view! But love Jewel lake. 

Exchanges: I stayed in Jewel lake and Sis Watts came. We had a blast!! so many awkward run ins with people but we had great success - 5 lessons! 

We also had zone meeting :) W
e learned about having real intent. Not just doing things just to do them. I think we all run through the motions but when we really focus than we can see the big picture and have a better view of our lives. We also took a group photo out in the cold. (sadly i don't have a copy :( ) 


We also are helping with the Iditarod on thursday

Also 3 is weeks ago Sis Honey and I sang at the MLK memorial. There is a recording on YOUTUBE called "local 100 voices mormon choir" by Thomas Wardhaugh and you can even see me! if you look at the conductor there is a tiny white head on his left shoulder in the front row wearing a purple shirt and black skirt. That's me!!! 

Hope you all had a good week! 

How did the 5 acts of service go???

Sis Watts and I on exchanges. 
I saw a moose! 

February 2, 2015 Baptisms!!!

We had zone conference where we created a title of liberty as a district! 

Donavon and Jameson Price were baptized! Their father (less active) and mother (non member) came! The spirit was so strong :) They were confirmed the following sunday. 

We've been trying to make the ward more Christ centered. And service is one of the best ways to come closer to the Savior. So this week I invite you to do 5 acts of service. Just small things. but i promise that it will help you feel the spirit. 

love you all

January 29, 2015

WE HAVE TWO BAPTISMS ON SATURDAY!!!!! Donovon and Jameson Price. 

Our ward held it's Ice Cream Social! Lots of active showed up- about 60. 

We had transfers. I watched Sister Honey and some close missionary friends give thier final testimony. Which is sad. But i'm happy for them. They were all successful missionaries. 

Held Sister training in which I trained on having Reverence when seeking revelation. And reverence can be all sorts of things. Such as just being reverent in speaking on sacred objects, thinking good thoughts, and so forth. 

We unfortueltly had to drop an investigator, Evelyn. She isn't exactly accountable.... She'd forget all our appts. 

Thursday we had 5 lessons! 

And all Week sister Landon and I just been getting to know the ward :) 

Hope you all are having a marvelous day! 
Ready your Book of Mormon I promise blessings will come! 

love you all 


we finally hit negatives! 
Sister Landon and I  

January 19, 2015

This week we were able to attend the temple. 

Turns out mormon.org has "The Phone call". Which is like the funniest church movie ever.  fun fact :) 

I am staying in Jewel Lake and Sister Landon is coming to be my companion. Sister Honey is going home! 

The Prices came to church! 

We were invited, along with a whole slew of other missionaries, to sing in a choir at a MLK memorial. 

This week has been full of ups and downs but so many miracles! 

January 12, 2015

The Prices have set a date for baptism!! January 31. 
Last Monday we went on a walk with our zone on the beach. 
We visited Brenna! A recent convert. 
We also went caroling with our zone. 

Although this week has been quite odd. With the transfer coming to a close and my companion heading home and losing all my mission buddies. We've still been able to see so many miracles! 

Keep spreading little seeds with your friends. Sometimes we don't always see the fruits of our labors but the blessings still follow! the Lord loves you. and I love you!! 

Have a great week :) 

our zone at the beach! 
Sister Honey and I :) 

January 5, 2015 - New Years!!

We invited the Price Family to be baptized!!! 

We got a treadmill for our apartment. Our new year's resolution. 

Part Ukrainian?? 

Went home at 7 on new years eve. Had a rap off with the mission. I actually represented our zone with Elder Palmer. I legit rapped in front of the entire mission on a conference call. 

We finally met a Recent Convert!! 

I've been our 4 months. 


Our zone at the temple!! 

Sister Honey and I 

December 29, 2014

This week has been slow.... we had to drop two investigators. One was using us and her fellowships for food and the other we haven't been able to contact. 

The district had a ugly tie competition! 

We did a lot of caroling Christmas eve, with some little scourts at the Native hospital and with our district. 

We also had a zone activity. Were we acted out Samuel on the wall!! 

Thanks to everyone who sent me letters and cards! LOVE them. 

Hope you all have a good Christmas.... There is a sweet video on mormon.orgabout resolutions called, " New Year's: look not behind me". Its super funny!!! 

love you all. 


Our district tie competition! 
Christmas eve with the Draper family!! 

December 22, 2014

This week we had exchanges. I went with Sister Morrison into Oceanview ward. We had lots of awkward moments. Including walking into a medical emergency. Sister B's stomach pump was not working. And she wanted us to watch her grand children. But we aren't allowed to hold children, babysit, or be alone with them. Because of legal complexities. 

This week was rough. We didn't get to teach any of our investigators. 

We went caroling as a zone. That was fun! We sang to some investigators, the Woodards, which that was the first time i'd met them. 

: Do you're home teaching/ visiting teaching. That's one of the people we consider fellowships. Don't forget the impact you can have on others. Become friends. not just to check them off your list. 


and if you are looking for a way to remember Christ during the Christmas season feel free to watch the Church's 3 min video called "He is the Gift". 

Thanks to everyone who sent me packages and Christmas cards!!


Sister Morrison and I matching! 
Sister Honey and I being dorks :) 

December 15, 2014

Was Transfered to Jewel Lake ward in South Anchorage. My new companion is named Sister Honey!
JL had it's ward christmas party! Met lots of ward members there. 
The Price Family (investigators) came to church. 
We saw a moose chilling by our apartment. 
We had a sweet Zone meeting :) 

turns out Inlet View is hopping they had like 15 ish investigators/ less actives come to church!!! 


our inlet view district! Last p day in inlet view :) 
Sister Honey and I 

December 8, 2014


Dec 1
Jack accepted Baptism!!!

Dec 2
Jack asked to see the baptismal font
We saw our investigator Samantha again. She told us that the an hour before the first meeting she had prayed to God and asked for him to send her help.

Dec 3
Hit my 3 month mark!

Dec 4
Met Rick who was sweeping snow off his sidewalk. He accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon
TRANSFERRED TO: Jewel lake in south Anchorage with Sister Honey :)

Dec 6
the Ward Christmas party. We had tons of people there. Even non members :) we also sang a musical number, Sister Harrison, Elder Williams, Elder Osterhaut, and me.

visit justserve.org if you have time!

and He Is the Gift video is only 3 mins.....

I love the Book of Mormon. What's great is everything rests on the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is true, than everything else is. I love that the Lord has made is so easy to know the truth. First you must read a bit of the Book of Mormon than pray with real intent, intending to act on the knowledge you receive, and God will give you the truth. Maybe not in a flash of lightning but by a "still small voice". By a feeling of peace in your heart, a sense of belonging or love. 

December 1, 2014

This week was crazy!!! so much happened.

I gave my first personal training on using the pamphlets.
we had our district thanksgiving lunch- Sis Harrison's mom mailed all this food to us :)
we had a pie miracle. Sister Kressig was listed as a do not contact, but many people told us to go and talk to her so we just dropped off a pie cause nobody answered. She must have really liked it because she asked the Elder Williams and Elder Osterhaut (who also work in inlet view) to send us over.
we also had zone conference. I shared Sierra's famous quote "life is hard than you die". People really like it
We finally met Sister Galloways "baby daddy", Justin, so now we can officially stop calling him baby daddy.
we ate at 5 thanksgivings!!
we also had exchanges! I was with Sister Ogden. She's from Layton.
We also shoveled this guy named Wayne that we tracked into. He jokingly told us that we could come back when it snowed and shovel his driveway... so we did. He seemed soooo surprised.
also Sister Galloway came to church. it's a legit Christmas miracle.

There's a new Christmas video about Christ. "He is the Gift". its only 3 mins long so you should all go watch it.

love you all.

read everyday
and pray always :)

November 24, 2014

This week:

We helped with Young Women in Excellence- all 3 who attended
An Elder said I'd make "a good witch". Not sure if that's a compliment or not...
A lot of our less actives are struggling with the 12 essays the Church recently put out. Pray about them and Make sure you read what the church has said....
We got a new Investigator, Samantha, She's really sweet :) Told us to come over more!
I also received my Alaska Drivers license :) finally.

This week has just been full of blessings!!

READ your Book of Mormon. Pray to know the truthfulness of the Gospel.

and I promise you WILL receive an answer!

November 17, 2014

Yes I've been sick all week long.... don't worry I'm getting better... I did receive a priest hood blessing yesterday morning.
On the 12th we had 6 lessons! (which is a ton for us )
Finally had a trainer-trainee meeting :)
Stake Conference was the bom.com ... Carl Neville and investigator came :)
and there were tons of miracles at Sister Ramos's home!

Thanks for the letters and packages!!

Keep reading your Book of Mormon. I promise you'll be blessed


Love Sister Thacker 

November 10,2014

We did family history with two recent converts, Sister Maez and Sister Sheppard!
Bishop Petersen called us and asked us to share some truths with his friend Nora. Sister Harrison spoke about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. We heard a sound on the end of the line. Apparently she broke down in tears and ran away. When Bishop found her again she kept asking him "how did she know?". Miracles are happening people :)
We also go to eat at Golden Coral with Sister Leonard, we invited our waiter, Dino, to church!
We also met a wonderful singer, Cemoni, we gave her our card. She actually texted us and asked for our daily thought and than later this week asked to meet with us!!!!