06 October 2014

One Month Down!

I think I covered most of what was happening in my voice recording...
but fun fact I saw a MOOSE!!
general conference was sweet! we had some of the less actives we've been working with come and an investigator showed interest.
I've officially been out a month! WHOOP WHOOP!
thanks to all you sent letters. I really appreciate them. it's nice to know whats going on during the week.
Grandma & Grandpa Thacker I'm sorry I got your email wrong. I recently went in and changed it.. so I hope it's right now... if its not someone please forward it to them. and I'll fix it.
also if you sign up to feed missionaries. PLEASE don't forget cause when you cancel we legit just eat our snack food at home... sad day... plus its nice to talk to the members.
also do your visiting teaching:) it'll brighten someones day! Visit your families this week.
also happy birthday Aunt Heidi! sorry it's late ... its a time warp out here.
The cute Suaava family who took us out to eat at an amazing BBQ for dinner:)
also Sister Harrison's mom sent a package and made us matching pillowcases....

Love you all thanks for the emails and letters!