25 August 2014

its my farewell my friends...

 i'd say my farewell was a success! thanks to all who attended and created crepes:)

this sweet family i've known my ENTIRE life... no joke 

ps: this boy leaves in like a month! england my friends:)

89 years old! still makes it to everything:)

my dog hates photos.... best photo i have of us 

Kels leaves wednesday for N. Carolina! 

my fav married friend:)

there were so many more! love you all, thanks for attending 

sister josie thacker 

07 August 2014

Reassigned to.....

Reassigned to the Alaska Anchorage mission, English speaking, leaving Sept. 3, 2014.

I'm so excited!!!

To read about the experience of reassignment. Please check the reassignment tab. ** still in the process of writing***



God really does answer prayers ❤️