08 November 2014

HALLOWEEN, and spreading the Gospel

This week has been full:
Lots of cancelled appts.
Lots of prayers
But lots of testimony growth

Some highlights were:
We were able to listen to Sister Maez pray for hour and a half phone call...
Share the gospel with everyone in sight.
Halloween was a blast! we went to bed at 8 :)
Had a thanksgiving dinner with the Alborn family- met their entire extended family (all non members)

Thanks for the package mom! and the Halloween cards from Ben and Grandma and Grandpa! I picked them up on Halloween:)

A young women in the ward, dressed up like the Book of Mormon!

Sister Harrison and I found this funny/ creepy hall to take Halloween photos in.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!

17 October 2014

Loving every minute of it!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Watch "Meet the Mormons".... its pretty good. and I'm not just saying that because I'm a missionary:)  pictures: p days are always super fun! I'm clear in the back behind some elders. so props to you if you can find me!
My district, the inlet view missionaries. This pretty much describes us in a nutshell.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif  Lovely Service Outfits.
and I'm an artist ;)

This week we taught a guy named Gavin. He believes there is a holy spirit that follows him around and is a 5 headed hydra. Its real weird. I think we looked quire stunned. Also you people will be getting a package from me. I threw up all over my scriptures during the spiritual thought at a less actives home, it was sick.

The church is true, read your scriptures and have a wonderful week!
Nursery Bathroom, everything is mini 

Service Outfits!

06 October 2014

One Month Down!

I think I covered most of what was happening in my voice recording...
but fun fact I saw a MOOSE!!
general conference was sweet! we had some of the less actives we've been working with come and an investigator showed interest.
I've officially been out a month! WHOOP WHOOP!
thanks to all you sent letters. I really appreciate them. it's nice to know whats going on during the week.
Grandma & Grandpa Thacker I'm sorry I got your email wrong. I recently went in and changed it.. so I hope it's right now... if its not someone please forward it to them. and I'll fix it.
also if you sign up to feed missionaries. PLEASE don't forget cause when you cancel we legit just eat our snack food at home... sad day... plus its nice to talk to the members.
also do your visiting teaching:) it'll brighten someones day! Visit your families this week.
also happy birthday Aunt Heidi! sorry it's late ... its a time warp out here.
The cute Suaava family who took us out to eat at an amazing BBQ for dinner:)
also Sister Harrison's mom sent a package and made us matching pillowcases....

Love you all thanks for the emails and letters!

29 September 2014

Another day in the Field

This week has been crazy! its such a blessing to have the airport's landing pattern over us. I see planes all the time... here them all the time... and have seen a few seaplanes:) best day ever!
we experience an EARTHQUAKE!! we were having companion study when it hit. I thought some maniac had hit the house. but than it hit again. it was like some crazy roller coaster ride. turns out people had hide under their tables and got in the door frame and stuff.... heheh sis Harrison and I just sat there screaming in joy. it was great.

Don't worry we're fine.

Last p day we hiked flat top. I don't recommend it unless you've got tons of time. round trip was 3 hours. and my legs shook the whole way done. anyways it had a lovely view.

Alaska has the most beautiful sunsets. The earth is so amazing. Christ really did a good job on the creation:)

Turns out the first Book of Mormon we handed out we gave to a lady with dementia. that's real sad. her daughter wants us to keep teaching her, so that will be interesting.

Its quite lonely out here. and if it helps my address will be the same all of my mission. just send it to the mission office and they will send it to me. luckily since my area is in Anchorage I can just drive to the mission office and pick it up:)
it's still light out here and the air is really cool.
Love ya

PS watch the "hope of God's light" video on the Mormon channel. its pretty sick

22 September 2014

Anchorage and loving it!

I've officially arrived in Alaska.

Thought of the week Romans 8:25

Love you all! Also if you have sent something to the MTC address and I haven't responded that means that its being forwarded from the MTC to Alaska. And that can take awhile. Keep the letters coming! Tell all your friends the church is true:)

Love you all!

Bug reminds me of home

Evil Looking DOLL

Sister Harrison

15 September 2014

Finally stepping on Alaskan soil

Hello everybody! I made safe and sound! This picture was taken in the Anchorage Airport!

06 September 2014

Taking on the MTC

The MTC is awesome! My Pdays are on Friday in the MTC, but in the field they will be on Wednesdays. I also forgot my tennis shoes and gym shorts, so I'm quite a sight when I workout in my pj's and really nice leather shoes. The food is not all that great but I still love it here. The spirit here is SO strong, even when I eat the nasty food. I wish you could all be here with me. I love you and miss you tons.:)

25 August 2014

its my farewell my friends...

 i'd say my farewell was a success! thanks to all who attended and created crepes:)

this sweet family i've known my ENTIRE life... no joke 

ps: this boy leaves in like a month! england my friends:)

89 years old! still makes it to everything:)

my dog hates photos.... best photo i have of us 

Kels leaves wednesday for N. Carolina! 

my fav married friend:)

there were so many more! love you all, thanks for attending 

sister josie thacker