07 July 2017


hey madelyn hosch thanks for the photos 

instagram or insta ME?

i was looking through some feeds the other day 
just admiring all these beautiful people 
with perfect lives
full of fun adventures 
and what seems like unlimited money 
some with the same faith as me and others not 

and i just kept thinking man my feed is so BORING 
i started thinking about color schemes 
the right time to post 
how "perfect and skinny" do i look in each one 
showing no low points and only the high 

27 June 2017


i realized the other day 
that we all have obsessions 
some with animals
periods of their lives
peanut butter 

things that take up vast majority of their time but are fulfilling 

last week i realized what my obsession was. 

in 4 hours i took 43 quizzes each having 10 questions 
that's 430 questions! 
and the thing is. i only stopped because my bum was aching from sitting in a hard chair at the library. 
eyes watering from being glued to the screen 

yet going back to the apartment just to tell anybody who would listen all about it. 
that's when i realized that i kinda have a problem 

26 June 2017

common courtesy

lately I've been thinking about courtesy 
having grown up in a home where Emily Post was idolized & her manner books were read and enforced at the table. 
its made me think about where we learn what is polite and what isn't.

this past week I've had an interesting experience. 
my roommate decided to get a "therapy cat". 
which i don't mind. 
in fact i don't care. 
i understood therapy cats to be like a form of medicine. 
but her cat is just a plain old family cat borrowed from her uncle. 
really nice cat actually. 
if not a tad annoying considering it jumped on my face 3 times last night. 
not cool cat. not cool.

What i'm looking forward to

spring semester being over 
(here I come to full time nannying!) 
graduating BYU Idaho this April 
(whoop whoop. excited to get out of this one horse town.)
going to FestiNord in Sweden this July
 travelling this summer
(Sweden, Chicago, California, Seattle, Arizona) 
driving my little beetle around 
having a job in Idaho
(bring on the 4 am shifts)
wedding season being over 
(hello single life) 
Visiting my friend in Germany this December 
(Marisa I miss you!)
Spending Christmas in Norway 
Visiting Alaska this October 
Applying to BYU's European Studies 
(applying in October. Beginning in June of 2018)
Starting an internship! 
(praying for the police department or for an airline.)
Having a norwegian speaking friend with me in Idaho
(leah! can we like hang out every single day???) 

21 June 2017

19 june 2017

(click to watch!) 
 a new hobby I've decided to pick up is video making 
so enjoy an evening in my life in Rexburg, ID. 
very fun 
i know
i promise i have friends ;) 

*all shot on an iphone 5S 
edited using Adobe Premiere